Stationary Compactors

These balers are typically bolted to your concrete pad at four or more anchor points. Unlike Self-contained compactors, Stationary compactors compact trash or recyclables into a detachable container.


For Apartment Buildings

  • Charge Box Capacity: 0.5
  • Dual 3" Cylinders
  • Motor: 5 HP TEFC 3-phase


  • Charge Box Capacity: 2.0
  • Dual 4" Cylinders
  • Motor: 10 HP TEFC 3-phase


  • Charge Box Capacity: 2.5
  • Dual 4" Cylinders
  • Motor: 10 HP TEFC 3-phase


  • Charge Box Capacity: 2.0
  • Single 6" Cylinders
  • Motor: 10 HP TEFC 3-phase


  • Charge Box Capacity: 3.0
  • Dual 6" Cylinders
  • Motor: 15 HP TEFC 3-phase

These balers can be used wherever excess Dry Waste (such as cardboard or dry mixed recyclables) is generated:

Supermarkets and Retail Stores
Hotels and Resorts
Hospitals and Medical Centers
Multiple Unit Shopping Centers
Small Recycling Centers
Manufacturing Facilities

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