Rental & Lease Programs

Today’s economy has changed the climate of purchasing equipment. Surplus capital expenditures normally used to upgrade and purchase new or used equipment now has to be split to accommodate the many needs of growing your business.

Baletech® Recycling Equipment, a Division of J.M. Hydraulics, Inc., is trying to ease the pain of tight budgets. We offer the ability to rent, lease or finance a baler or compactor and turn that large capital outlay into small structured payments, that your business can afford. This makes the upgrade and ability to build your business a much easier decision to make.

Baletech® Recycling Equipment wants to be your equipment supplier now and in the future. We look forward to helping you through these tough times and make growing your business a pleasurable experience. Let us show you how. Call for a quote on new or used equipment and see what your payments can be.

a white horizontal baler pictured outside lifting a trash can preparing to deposit it's contents inside the baler

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