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There are numerous sizes of Indoor Trash and Recycling Compactors and Outdoor Trash and Recycling Compactors and well as other specialized compactors.

Self-Contained compactors are built for applications that require storage and removal of wet waste. Placed Outdoor or Indoors these compactors help prevent contamination of work areas as well as public areas. Unlike Stationary Compactors, the Self Contained Compactor is designed so that the compactor is attached to the container and the entire machine is hauled to the disposal or recycling site. In addition to

substantially reducing labor and collection costs, the compactors can also help discourage scavengers, reduce insect and rodent problems, control odor, reduce fire hazards, and prevent overflowing dumpsters. This style of compactor can also be used and is very efficient for the recycling industry. It reduces contamination of your recyclable commodities and lowers your transportation costs. Whether it is an indoor application in a utility area with low ceiling height or a dock feed outdoor application Baletech® Recycling Equipment compactors can solve your waste problems.

Each Baletech® Recycling Equipment compactor is powerful, safe and customizable and will provide you with years of reliable service.










20 Cubic Yards

25 Cubic Yards

30 Cubic Yards






10(15) HP

10(15) HP

10(15) HP