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Hydraulic lift dumpers offer controlled dumping of material from boxes, crates, and other containers. Baletech® Recycling Equipment dumpers offer you piece of mind by reducing back injuries, improving production, eliminating bottlenecks, and helping to keep your facility looking great. Minimize lifting and dumping as one person can easily and safely use a Baletech® Recycling Equipment dumper to help facilitate the dumping of large quantities of materials. Our heavy duty, welded steel dumpers are made to provide the same quality and value that is found in all Baletech® Recycling Equipment compactors and balers. System integration, cart integration, interlocked cages, and height dumping are just a few of the options we can provide your organization.   Baletech® Recycling Equipment dumpers are used in transfer stations, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, laundries, food processing plants and any other application where carts and containers need to be dumped. When you need reliability and a well-built piece of equipment for your facility remember Baletech® Recycling Equipment will provide you with piece of mind.